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May 2009

Tidepool Pendant
by Terry Ricioli


Amate Studios XL Long Rectangle Pendant
Grungeboard(TM), swirl design
Acrylic paint: Americana(R) Bahama Blue
Perfect Pearls (TM) Ranger Industries
Gold Filigree Fan
Copper wire, 20 gauge about 3"
Starfish brad (Barb Tourtillotte for Creative Imaginations)
Micro Glass Beads(TM), gold, Sulyn Industries
Aleene's Paper Glaze
Aleene's Jewel It(R)


Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Heavy scissors


  1. Gut Grungeboard to fit pendant blank. Use a not-permanent marker to color the edge of the pendant, then press onto the Grungeboard to create an outline. Trim carefully and slowly to fit the pendant.
  2. Paint the Grungeboard with a wash of Bahama Blue. Blot the board and dust with Perfect Pearl pigment. Brush off excess. In two streaks, brush more blue wash across piece. Let dry. Brush with paper glaze and let dry.
  3. Trim filigree with heavy scissors to fit bottom of pendent. Cut wire into two pieces. Curl ends and bend in waves as shown. Arrange on pendant as shown. Trim wire to fit as desired. Trim brad wires with wire clippers, close starfish back. Place starfish over ends of wires as shown. When arrangement is satisfactory, remove all pieces.
  4. Glue painted Grungeboard into pendant with jewel glue. Lightly glue filigree to board placing glue on back of filigree along metal lines. Glue wires on top of filigree, placing glue at bottom ends where it will be covered. Glue starfish over ends. Lightly add glue around edges of pendant with a toothpick. Sprinkle micro glass beads over edges.

Beaded Felt Pendant
by Cheryl Ball

Supplies Needed:

Silver triangle pendant by Amate Studios
Liquid Fusion(tm) Adhesive
Felt - 1/4" thick - turquoise or desired color
Felt ball - 1/2" black
Bead in colors to match - seed, e-beads, other assorted sizes
Wire - turquoise - fine gauge
Cording - black 1 yard
Findings - jumprings, eye pins
Needles - assorted sizes - fine for seed beads, large hole for wire
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers

  1. Place pendnat on felt then use scissors to cut out around shape. Place felt in pendant then trim as needed to fit snuggly.
  2. Cut felt ball in half. Apply a thin layer of Liquid Fusion adhesive to back of ball and glue in place onto felt backlig. Let Dry.
  3. Seed beads are sewn around center ball. Thread small eyed needle with matching thread then thread on beads to fit around ball. Couch the beads around ball, making small equally spaced stitches along thread to hold beads in place. Knot thread to back.
  4. Add three silver seed beads to corners.
  5. Use wire cutters to cut an 18" length of wire then thread large eyed needle. Insert needle from back up through center of bead leaving a tail. Insert needle between beads and ball then repeat sewing eight equall sections as thown. Trim and bend wire on back to secure.
  6. Sew larger silver colored bead at center of ball.
  7. Thread beads as desired onto eye pins. Use needle nose pliers to bend wire at right angle then use wire cutters to snip to 1/2" length. Use round nose pliers to form small circle. Repeat iwith remaining pins. Sew jump ring under center ball. Open ring with pliers then add beaded pins and close.
  8. Sew a black e-bead in center of jump ring.
  9. Use Liquid Fusion to glue finished triangle in to pendant.
  10. To create holder thread black cording, determine length then knot ends together and trim ends.

Sterling Birds Nest Ring
by Michal Rainsbarger


Amate ring form (round)
26 gauge sterling silver wire (about 8 ft.)
3 5-6mm fresh water pearls


Wire Cutters
Chain nose pliers
E-6000 adhesive


1. Start by wrapping the wire around to form a round nest shape. Weave it in and out, securing it every so often bywrapping it around the edges a few times. There is no right and wrong to this technique. As the nest begins to take shape and you can adjust it to your liking by adding more wire.

2. Once your nest begins to form, bring the wire up through the center and add a pearl. Secure it by weaving the wire through the nest a few times. Repeat this process for the other two pearls.

3. Once the nest is the righ wize to fit the ring form it can be glued in with E-6000. Let dry overnight. Enjoy!

Tip: It's easy to get carried away, so keep in mind the size of your nest. You want to be able to glue the bottom of the nest inside the ring form.
Vintage Ring
by Lacy Carrall


Amate Studios Deep Welled Oval Ring
Envirotex Polymer Epoxy
Vintage Jewelry Piece


1. Fill pendant with Envirotex Polymer Epoxy.

2. Place vintage jewelry piece into ring as desired. Make sure the piece is secured by the epoxy. I used a vintage clip earring that was the size of the ring wetting. You may have to use wire cutters to trim down the back of the earring to make it fit neatly in the ring base. If your piece is smaller than the ring base, use a piece of patterned paper as a background.

3. Let the epoxy cure accouding to manufactures directions.
Smile Pendant
by Deborah Anton


Amate Studios XL Long Rectangle
Amate Studios Weave Paper
Ranger melting Pot
Basic Grey Ambrosia Designer Paper
Robin's Nest Dew Drops
Taylored Expressions Tiny Twinkles
Ranger UTEE Clear
Ranger Stickles
Ranger Glossy Accents
Ready made multi-strand elather or cotton string necklace
Stampin' Up Fancy Flexible Phrases Stamp Set
Stampin' Up Ruby Red Ink
Papertrey Ink Mixed Messages Stamp Set


  1. Heat Melting Pot with Clear UTEE to temperature.
  2. Cut designer paper to size of pendant.
  3. Add Stickles to areas that you want a little sparkle. Let dry.
  4. Glue designer paper to pendant and begin arranging Dew Drops, TIny Twinkles, and sentiment on to paper using a dot of glue to keep embellishments and sentiment in place.
  5. Pour UTEE into pendant carefully to not overflow.
  6. Allow UTEE to cool completely.
  7. During the cooling time, stamp out flower image and cut out.
  8. Once UTEE is cooled, add Ranger Glossy Accents to corner of pendant and adhere flower.
  9. Add a little more Glossy Accents to the top and sides of the flower, add a crystal Tiny Twinkles to the center.
  10. Finish pendant with leather/cotton multi-strand necklace.
Fish Bowl Ring
by Kelley Lohr


Amate Studios Sea Green Weave Paper
Amate Studios Deep Welled Oval Ring
Scissors & Pencil
Small Printed paper for background
Zip Dry Paper Adhesive by Beacon
Thin Spatula (for smoothing background)
Ranger GLossy Accents
Small Flat Bristled Paint Brush
Beach Glass (tiny pieces)
Seed Beads in water colors
Micro No Hole Beads in Blue
Small Fish sticker of clip art
Coral Sticker

  1. Using pencil, trace the shape of the ring blank onto the back side of the printed paper. Cut out shape with scissors.
  2. Apply small amount of Zip Dry Paper Glue to the inside of ring.
  3. Working quickly (the glue dries quickly) place the printed paper into the well, and smooth out twith spatula tool or dry paint brush.
  4. Flood the inside of the well with a layer of Glossy Accents, deep enough to set the seed beads and mocro beads. Press beads into the Glossy Accents with dry brush or finger, arranging with tweezers to desired effect.
  5. Flood more of the well with Glossy Accents covering beads completely.
  6. Using tweezers tear pieces of Amate handmade paper to resemble seaweed. Lay on top of still wet Glossy Accents. (We are building layers here) Also, selecting a few smaller pieces of beach glass, press into still wet Glossy Accents, at and around the bottom of the seaweed.
  7. Pull coral sticker off sticker sheet. Cut apart to the desired effect and lay on top of the seaweed. I pushed the coral down behind the beach glass, causing it to stick out a bit more, for a layered effect.
  8. Flood the well with Glossy Accents, edge to edge leaving a bit of room for the next layer.
  9. Using tweezers carefully lay fish sticker on top of still wet Glossy Accents. Gently push fish sticker into wet Glossy Accents.
  10. Add a small strand of Amate weave paper, to resemble a strand of seaweed. Glossy Accents will slowly rise over and around the fish sticker, covering completely.
  11. Air bubbles often arise, and if you wish them not to be in your creation, blow gently on the weg Glossy Accents to pop, or using a heat gun or hair dryer, gently waft across top to bring the bubbles to the surface.
  12. When completely dried, approximately 2-3 days the Glossy Accents will create a rock hard cure.

Tip: As you are working with the Glossy Accents, the layers will look cloudy and will clear up when completely dry. As you work on this project over time, allowing drying between layers, or continue on, start to finish in one sitting. The Glossy Accents take longer to dry the thicker the application.

Altered Brass Heart Pendant with Wings

Designed by: Michael “Jack” Putman



Amate Studios Base Elements GB Heart Pendant 
Metal Wings
Soldering Iron
Lead Free Solder
Black Soldering Patina

Water Soluble Flux   
Word/Alphabet Stamps
Distress Ink                                 
Archival Ink

Copper Foil Tape (if needed )                                            Small Watch Parts

UTEE -Clear                                                                     Baking Tray

Silicone Baking Sheet or Parchment Paper                         Oven or Melt Pot




Safety Reminder- The fumes produced when soldering can be toxic.  Please take care to protect yourself and your art area when soldering and using patina. Make sure you have adequate ventilation.




1.      The first step is to clean the surfaces of your heart tray and wings before soldering. Make sure that the pieces to be joined are properly aligned and fit closely together. You can use copper foil tape if this helps to hold the pieces together. Apply tape around joints and burnish well.

2.      Apply flux along the joints using a brush.

3.      Apply solder to tip of soldering iron. Begin touching the tip of iron and solder to all joints (or seams). Process works best when a good length of solder is held in one hand and pushed against tip of iron and  joint with the other. Move the tip of the iron horizontally to the seams working solder evenly into and over all joints. Once joints are equally covered- let cool.

4.      Clean your piece with soapy water to remove flux. Towel dry.

5.      Solder changes color naturally over time. To create an instant aged look we will use a black patina. Make sure that your project is thoroughly clean. Then lightly apply patina to get desired look with a brush. Wash with soapy water. Let dry.

6.      Create a pleasing arrangement of small watch parts inside your heart.

7.      Make a small message that will fit in your heart on a piece of paper. Stamp a message using archival ink. Ink sides of your message with “Vintage Photo” Distress Ink to create an aged look and interest.

8.      Method #1 -Pre-heat your oven to 340 degrees F or 171 degrees C.

9.      Arrange your winged heart on the silicone baking sheet(or parchment paper) on your baking tray. Make sure that you have achieved desired layout within your heart with message and watch parts. Then lightly fill your pendant with clear UTEE. Move carefully so not  to disrupt your layout within heart. Its best to start small. You can always add more and reheat to get desired level.

10.  Put into oven for about 2-3 minutes. Once UTEE is melted take out and inspect. You can add more  UTEE and reheat to reach desired fill.

11.  Method #2 -If you have a Ranger Melt Pot you can simply pour and melt. Both methods will get you the same great effect.

12.  Let piece cool and then attach to your favorite chain or beaded necklace.

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